Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The lighter side of Amsterdam

A view from a running trail in Vondel Park.  It was bustling with bike riders, runners, and people walking their dogs.  I was immediately sold on Amsterdam after walking through this quaint part of town.  No tourists, just fresh air. 

The courtyard of Begijnhof.  Used for the English Reformation Church.  Built in the 1400's and used by the English speaking church since 1607.

A clock tower.

A gorgeous corridor of restaurants and coffeeshops.

Heavenly window shopping!!

The central train station is even breathtaking.  The trams you see in the picture make getting around the city so efficient and easy.  For seven Euro, one can navigate the city on these trams for twenty-four hours!

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  1. What an amazinzing experiance!!! Looks like you had an awsome time. Great memories to relive for a lifetime!!!