Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roma, the two hour snapshot

When we arrived in Rome, we checked our bags at the train station.  I found a nice taxi driver and we were off to do a quick tour of some sites in Rome.  Alessandro, our cab driver, was nice enough to give me plenty of time for pictures.  The Colosseum was breathtaking, even though it was for ten minutes.  It is sad to think that long after the bloody battles, the marble facing was stripped and used to build churches and palaces.

The Spanish steps.which get its name from the Spanish Embassy, is bustling with azaleas in the spring.  The shopping around here is a women's dream!

"According to legend, the ashes of Nero were enshrined here, until 11th-century residents began complaining to the pope about his imperial ghost.  The Egyptian obelisk dates from the 13th century B.C" (Frommers, 166, 2011).


  1. I was in Rome when I was in the Navy, It is absolutly breathtacking besides being a beautiful city with so much hisory.